Our commitment

We want to contribute to making the healthcare system the best it can be, and believe that the insight that healthcare personnel inhabit is the way to achieve this.
We promise to:

Respect your time. Every question in the surveys is optional and you should be able to answer questions quickly through our tailor-made solution. If you fill in your full profile, we also make it easier for you to skip questions about e.g. occupation, age and gender, while preserving your anonymity.

Create safe spaces. We know that many healthcare professionals have temporary jobs and don’t always dare to speak up. No one is able to identify you based on your answers in our surveys, so you can focus on giving feedback without the fear of consequences. Therefore, you may use your private email to create a profile.

Work to improve your workday. We strongly believe in user testing – testing everything that is entering the healthcare sector, even before it is introduced, and getting feedback from those who will use it. Both tools and new services. 

Kontakt oss

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