About Medlytic

Tired of using poor solutions in the healthcare system?
So are we.

There is a great distance between healthcare workers and those who develop tools and make decisions in the healthcare system. We want to shorten this gap. 

Medlytic is an insight platform for the healthcare system that helps healthcare professionals test new technology – before and after it is launched – and provide their input on areas that concern them.
Through simple and inspiring surveys, we share your knowledge with those who develop both current and future healthcare services, and ensure that your feedback is used in a way that makes life easier for everyone in the healthcare system.

We reduce the insight gap

1,400 health professionals are already involved and have answered questions from the Norwegian Directorate of Health and influenced how new technology from the Norwegian medical catalogue (Felleskatalogen) was developed. Healthcare workers know where the shoe pinches. When those who make decisions and product developers in the healthcare sector get a hold of the insight, we are convinced that the workplace will be vastly improved for healthcare personnel and patients will receive better healthcare.

Our vision

Making healthcare the best it can be.


By making the knowledge from the frontline workers in healthcare available to others for the sake of improving the quality of patient care.

Surveys - we ask

This is an easy way to reach out to many people at the same time, and we have developed a tool that makes it easy to answer questions on the fly in a safe and anonymous way.

Insight projects - we dig

We delve deeper into issues to map out more. We test new technology, have in-depth interviews or group interviews and try to understand connections in a complex system with healthcare personnel in focus.

Rating platform - lets you easily speak up (coming soon!)

We are creating a tool that will make it easy for healthcare personnel to assess tools and products that are used in a working day. This way, those who are going to acquire these tools can get quick feedback on whether they are good tools - or whether they should perhaps look for other solutions.

Contact us

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