About Medlytic

Medlytic is a tool of user engagement and project management: change management software, that reduces the risk of investing in healthcare technology and IT-solutions. The investment in has already been made, the implementation is about getting the most value out of it.

How does our platform do this?

The simplest way is to compare it with what a consultant would do in an implementation process. They gather data, they analyze it using a specific methodology, and they present the findings with tailored recommendations. Imagine if this could be done entirely automatically, and with in-depth analysis of larger amounts of data than a human mind can handle. It would save time, money, and – in many cases – tears. This is what our platform is designed to do during the implementation of new technology and IT.

Various research-based frameworks have been used to map what kind of data should be collected in which phases of an implementation. Then data is collected from healthcare professionals – simply, on the go, and completely anonymously – on how the process is actually progressing. Based on the findings, recommendations for measures to improve the implementation and possibly the product are automatically generated. In this way, the information provided to the employees can be improved, training can be customized, and functions can be changed to better meet clinical needs.

We go one step further

We won’t just provide automatic analysis and support during implementation, we will predict how implementations will go using large amounts of data and predictive analytics. This way, the organization can be prepared and spend the time on the right preparations and focus areas.